Reline UV®-Group launches in North America

Mar 31, 2017

The world’s leading manufacturer of UV light-curing glass-fibre reinforced hose liners and UV equipment is expanding again - innovative partners sought.

With an annual production of over 2,500,000 feet, the RELINE UV®-Group has developed into a leading provider of UV light-curing glass-fibre reinforced hose liners since 2009. To date, the group has rehabilitated sewers with a total length of over 12,000,000 feet in 50 countries using the Alphaliner process. Starting 2009, the system provider for trenchless sewer renovation has also taken a leading position in developing and producing innovative UV equipment for high speed curing glass-fibre reinforced hose liners.

RELINEEUROPE, RELINECHINA and RELINAJAPAN belong to RELINE UV® Group. With the company's success in its core region of Europe, as well as in Asia, the Arabic world, and South America, RELINE UV® is now expanding to the USA.

We are seeking innovative project partners and rehabilitation companies interested in working with RELINE UV®-Group to write a new chapter in the success story for trenchless sewer renovation in North America.

Extensive Portfolio of UV CIPP Alfa systems for a Range of Rehabilitation Projects

Core RELINE UV® products include the glass-fibre reinforced hose liners Alphaliner300, Alphaliner500, and Alphaliner1800 from diameter 6” – 64”/72” (DN 150 to DN 1600/1800). Nearly 150 installer world wide are using every day the Alphaliner primarily used to rehabilitate municipal sewer or highly resistant VE/VEU resin to rehabilitate industrial sewer. The Alphaliner are now offered in the USA under the product names UV CIPP Alfa300, UV CIPP Alfa500 and UV CIPP Alfa1800.

These glass-fibre reinforced hose liners are manufactured using a patented process to create pre-coated glass-fibre strips in continuous production. This results in a seamless hose with individual lengths up to approx. 1000 feet (350 meter) which can be used to rehabilitate circular, elliptical, and special profile shapes. The liner types differ in the mechanical properties of the ECR fibre-glass qualities used, and are offered with high grade UP Polyester resin. This broad variety of technical options allows us to provide technically and economically optimized solutions for every rehabilitation project.

Powerful technologies for UV curing

As a system supplier for trenchless sewer rehabilitation, RELINE UV® also develops and produces the UV technologies and equipment needed for successful rehabilitation, to make the system of hose liners easier to install. Our products range from UV curing systems with different power levels to fully equipping rehabilitation and service vehicles. The newest UV curing system, REE4000, is equipped with a light output of 6 x 4,000 watts, resulting in a total output of 24,000 watts. This means it is currently the world market’s most powerful UV curing system, offering unique and innovative features for semi-automatic operation.

The system allows for extremely fast and reliable curing for sewers of all dimensions. RELINE UV®'s system technology was developed from practical experience and for practical applications. All components - from the glass-fibre reinforced Alphaliner to the curing technology - are precisely tailored to work together, forming a foundation for successful rehabilitation projects. With these technologies RELINE UV® Group offers the best opportunities to rehabilitate especially sewers with large diameter quickly. Curing times of up to 400 ft/hour for 32” (DN 800 - 120 meter/ hour) or 200 ft./hour for 64” (DN 1600 – 60 meter/hour) are unequally worldwide.

Quality Orientation and Service Range

RELINE UV® works as a partner to installers and rehabilitation companies, pursuing a joint and thorough quality strategy for optimal rehabilitation results. Our company's TQM - total quality management - system is the only one of its kind in the world. This quality controlling system allows us to monitor and optimize the entire value creation process and the UV equipment with database support, from hose liner production to installation on the construction site. In addition, the RELINEACADEMY provides practical training and education for rehabilitation professionals and construction managers in process technology and hose liners, in particular with UV light-curing. Experienced application consultants support the rehabilitation companies on site if needed.

Innovative Partners Sought

The company is seeking innovative partners looking to succeed in trenchless sewer renovation with UV light-curing hose liners in the USA for the market launch of our RELINE UV® technology. With the complete RELINE UV® system, and our comprehensive training and service offerings, even companies that have never before worked in this area can quickly and efficiently tap into this quickly growing market segment. RELINE UV® is also interested in collaborating with strategic partners for RELINE UV® North America.

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