Record Setting “One Piece” CIPP Installation By US Pipelining, LLC Stretches Nearly Half a Mile Over the York River

Oct 03, 2018

Cured-In-Place Pipe Liner Provides Seamless and Structural Restoration Over Major Waterway.

US Pipelining, LLC., an emerging leader in Cured-In-Place-Pipe lining solutions (CIPP), announces the completion of a major waterway project. The recent project at Plains All American Pipeline’s Yorktown Terminal in Yorktown Virginia is believed to be the longest single-shot, “one-piece” cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) liner ever installed.

The CIPP liner was installed utilizing air inversion into a 12-inch diameter concrete lined steel sump line located on a pier and extending nearly a half mile over the York River.

“It is our understanding that this is the longest air-inverted, one-piece CIPP liner that has ever gone in a pipe, and the longest ever to breach a waterway,” said Jeremy Bowman, field project manager for U.S. Pipelining, LLC, the project’s lead contractor. “Air was used for the liner inversion and steam was the method of cure,” said Bowman. “Water inversion was not an option as the process water presented an issue given the pipes location above an active waterway. This was one for the record books.”

Access for construction was created by removing spool sections from the host pipe where the pipe system meets the shoreline. Additional spool sections were removed at the far end of the pipe which extended out 2,500 feet over the York River. The construction and cure of the CIPP would take nearly 24 hours.

The CIPP liner was manufactured to meet project specifications by Manufactured Technologies Corp (MTC) of Chesterfield, MO. The custom-made liner was the longest Manufactured Technologies had ever produced. The resin impregnation (wet-out) was performed at the MTC facility in Olyphant, PA. “This was an extremely technical project,” states Mark Wetzel, Senior Director of MTC. “Installing a liner of this length requires in-depth planning and technical experience. The conditions have to be perfect, the obstacles mitigated. Hats off to US Pipelining.”

Based in Langhorne, PA, U.S. Pipelining, LLC is a leading U.S. provider of pipe lining services, including large diameter projects for storm sewer, sanitary sewer, pressure pipe, under-slab lining, and vertical pipe lining. Since entering the pipe rehabilitation industry 25 years ago, US Pipelining has gained recognition for their ability to offer highly specialized rehabilitation solutions to a vast array of clients including global fortune 500 companies, high-rise residential and commercial buildings and government agencies.

Manufactured Technologies Corporation, Chesterfield, MO, specializes in the manufacture of high-quality CIPP liners available for wet or dry delivery. They can accommodate water or air inversion and handle the demands of steam curing for optimal installation and long-term performance.

About Cured-In-Place technology
Cured-In-Place Pipe technology (CIPP) is one of several “No-Dig” trenchless rehabilitation methods used to “noninvasively” repair existing pipelines. CIPP is a jointless, seamless, pipe-within-a-pipe with the capability to structurally rehabilitate pipes ranging in diameter from 4"–120". With a design life of 50 years CIPP is one of the most widely used rehabilitation methods and has application in water, sewer, gas, and chemical pipelines.


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