PVC4 Pipes at China international pipe conference

Sep 21, 2015

PVC pipe production accounts for 55 percent of the local China plastic pipe market and according to Fabio Bernardi, newly appointed managing director of PVC4Pipes, significant growth in market share and output is now being realized and there is more to look forward to. It is a message that will be delivered by the Brussels-based PVC4Pipes association through its strong representation of speakers at the fourth China International Plastic Pipe Conference in Shanghai on 21-22 September 2015.

“We estimate that over eight million tons of PVC pipe systems will be produced by China’s manufacturing base before the end of this year,” explains Bernardi. “It has become the Chinese pipe material of choice and the reasons for this success are not hard to find. China continues to witness a boom in the construction sector that is accompanied by the replacement of aged municipal water, sewer and drainage systems. The inherent long term performance and installation benefits of PVC pipe systems have created immense appeal.”

“What is exciting for Chinese PVC pipe makers, movers and users is that competition is about to become fiercer as PVC-O pipe systems come on stream to offer even more lightweight, flexible yet robust solutions.”

Made in China: now PVC-O pipes

Rob Spekreijse is CEO of Rollepaal, a leading international plastic pipe machinery and equipment maker from the Netherlands. He will be explaining the benefits of OPVC pipes and the benefits of the different technologies used to make OPVC. These high-tech pipes can be made in large diameters of up to 800 mm and applications mainly include drinking water delivery, pressure bearing drain and farmland irrigation systems.

Associate professor Steven Folkman from the Utah State University has researched the long life of PVC pipes and will be presenting his latest findings at the China conference. He is the director of Utah State University’s Buried Structures Laboratory and is co-author of Buried Pipe Design. Dr. Folkman’s expertise includes structural dynamics, linear and nonlinear finite element analysis utilizing soil/structure interaction, and testing.

His Buried Structures Laboratory in Logan is one of three facilities in the US for performing tests on all kinds of buried pipes. Instruments are mounted inside the pipes and data is recorded to continuously monitor any physical movement or deflection.

30% saving on installation

Zoran Davidovski, Vice-President for marketing and innovation at the Pipelife Group will deliver the case for the Sewer Installation Time (SIT) project. Commissioned by The European Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association (TEPPFA), this independent study compared installation times between functionally identical PVC and concrete sewer pipe lines. The complete project was video recorded and a 30 per cent of the installation time was saved while using the PVC sewer system.

Douglas Seargeant is senior manager of water distribution infrastructure at EPCOR Water Services Inc., Edmonton, Canada. Seargeant will be explaining his company’s continuing success with PVC water main pipe systems.

The PVC4pipes association will host an exhibition booth at the China International Pipe Conference to provide commercial and technical information about the features and related benefits of PVC pipe systems.


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