Promoting Trenchless Technology in Middle East

Sep 14, 2009

9th - 11th November 2009, Abu Dhabi - UAE: Even though the market conditions are rather slow these days the area of trenchless market does not seem to be affected all that much. The rapid growth of urban population along with rising congestion in such areas no longer allow major road disruption when installing new or repairing existing pipeline network. Added to this, the deteriorating state of existing underground infrastructures is bringing us into a situation where no disruption methodologies are becoming a must.

Middle East is considered to be a relative late comer to the area of trenchless technology. Nevertheless trenchless is definitely becoming a popular method among contractors and municipalities across Middle East. The fast, high-grade development of mainly urban, areas of the region requires new, extended or rehabilitated underground infrastructure for water and sewerage, electricity or gas.

The general focus of the forum will be looking at disseminating the knowledge and best practices in trenchless techniques across the region. Through technically focused case studies we want to look at how micro tunnelling, pipe jacking, directional drilling or CIPP can be deployed as cost-effective means of pipeline installation and rehabilitation. Also latest trends and innovations in these areas will be covered.

Another point for discussion will be developed around deploying the full potential of underground structures in congested urban areas and setting and achieving quality standards.

Finally our expert speakers will also deal with testing and monitoring the behaviour of the pile embedded does require expertise based on experience and best practice.

Find out how and why you, too can turn "open cut" into "no dig" and fully benefit from the latest technical innovations and professional experience from both local and international experts in trenchless.
Join us and promote your Trenchless Technologies in Abu Dhabi – right now the hottest market for trenchless in Middle East. Meet and network with local and international utility owners, public authorities, expert engineering consultants as well as providers of equipment and solutions for trenchless technology, pipeline construction and rehabilitation.

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