Plastic Pipes Conference Moscow 2013

Apr 19, 2013

The international Plastic Pipes Conference will host its first ever affiliated event in Moscow during 3 – 4 October 2013, at the Hotel Baltshug Kempenski. PLASTIC PIPES MOSCOW 2013 is the convention and exhibition event that will preview the latest developments in plastic pipe technology alongside experience gained by major utility, sewer, building and civil engineering sectors in the Region.

Zoran Davidovski, chairman for the organizing committee explains: “The choice of Russia for creating this conference is based on the rapid development of plastic pipe technology in this region. With an estimated 24 million kilometers of surface and buried pipes in Russia, the potential market for converting to plastic pipes is enormous. Many existing pipe networks are of the non-plastic variety and in an advanced state of aging. Ease of installation of plastic pipe systems coupled with the spiraling cost of metal is driving out these heavy and porous methods.”

“Market demand for plastic pipes has now surpassed all expectations. Government statistics reveal that the market volume for plastic pipes reached 464,000 tons in 2011 followed by double digit growth well into 2012. Although the Russian market continues to rely on imports from plastic pipe makers in the CEE, 85% of products are produced locally. Furthermore, modernization of existing manufacturing is proceeding at a fast pace. Multilayer pipes using the latest technology are now made and laid on Russian soil.”

Plastic Pipe Conferences always provide an important communications platform for raw material suppliers, producers, consultants, technical institutes and major providers of mains gas, water and sewer services. 21 individual presentations have been confirmed for PLASTIC PIPES MOSCOW 2013. In addition to regional issues, a full market overview is planned and will include significantly relevant presentations from PPXVI. These will include several market studies, new manufacturing techniques, pipe performance within the oil and gas industry, European product declarations and new developments in PVC and PE pipe systems.

The first sponsor is confirmed and is the Baerlocher group which is one of the world's leading additive suppliers to the plastic pipe industry. Organizers report various opportunities for further sponsorship participation. It is also important to note that the event is organised by INVENTRA, part of the CREON Energy group that specialises in providing advisory services in the markets for plastics and plastics converting.

The Plastic Pipes Conference is the world’s largest and most international convention and exhibition event of its kind.



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