Pipes Conference: Landmark papers expected

May 19, 2008

Some landmark papers are expected at the XIV Plastics Pipes Conference according to the organisers of the event. The conference brings together the global plastic pipe community and its many technical and commercial experts. It will be held from 22 - 24 September 2008 at the Marriott Hotel in Budapest.

"Our conferences provide the platforms for announcing important breakthroughs in the development of plastic pipe technology. From blueprint to newsprint, this year's event will be no exception," explains Joel Fumire, the event's vice president and technical manager for Solvin.

"Items of significant interest will be a solid technical proposal for the replacement with plastic alternatives of large diameter cast iron and steel pipes for the gas industry, test results on plastic pipes used to transport sulphuric acid for 21 years and lastly, a full dry system developed for pipe bi-orientation that will generate new opportunities for the future of PVC-O pipes. Important information on the development of new raw materials will also be released."

Conference keynote speaker is Ray Hammond, Europe's prominent futurologist. His World in 2030 forecasts a "positive outlook for plastics," arguing that the material has an important part to play in overcoming future challenges, including climate change, health care and caring for an aging population. His future vision of climate change is one that will wreak havoc as the weather becomes more extreme. "Are we prepared for arctic-style winters and monsoon summers in Western Europe?" Hammond asks.

Pierre Belloir, the event's co-vice president and PE pipe technical manager for Total is convinced that the Budapest conference will be a turning point for plastic pipe technology. "Plastic pipe technology is transforming the utility infrastructure and building practices in Central Eastern Europe. Although available in the region since the early sixties, the technology was viewed as unfamiliar. Political and economic values have changed all that.  Today, Budapest is an appropriate venue given the enormous switch over to plastic pipe systems in Hungary and in the rest of the region."

The three-day conference schedule will comprise the presentation of about one hundred papers, a trade exhibition and a social program. 500 participants are expected for what has become an ideal meeting place for delegates and the latest ideas from utility companies, technical and certification institutes, plastic pipe companies, equipment manufacturers, compound makers and other suppliers.

Plastic Pipes XIV is organised by TEPPFA, PE 100 +, PVC4Pipes and the Plastics Pipe Institute. A new brochure with full program is available from the Conference website alongside registration and further information: http://www.ppxiv.com

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