Pipeline Renewal Technologies Publishes Sewer Rehab Strategy Worksheet

Nov 24, 2017

Worksheet provides a graphical method for determining whether to utilize spot repair or end-to-end in a given application.

Pipeline Renewal Technologies has released a Sewer Rehab Strategy Worksheet as a companion piece to their recent white paper, Sewer Rehab: Deciding Between Spot Repair and end-to-end Methods. The white paper discusses the many factors to consider when choosing between the two approaches to rehabilitation; the worksheet follows up with a two-axis checklist composed of 12 yes-no questions, all of which serve to quickly pinpoint a given pipe on a recommendation matrix.

In this manner, every pipe can be given the full range of consideration and rehab decisions can be made with confidence.

“Municipal workers and rehab contractors don’t have a lot of time to sit around and think about which approach to take,” says Jordan Eickelberger, Partner Manager for Pipeline Renewal Technologies:

“They need to get things done quickly so they can move on to the next line. It’s understandable that they would stick with what they know. This worksheet makes it easier to consider a broader range of options with confidence—including ones that can yield better performance, as well as cost and time savings.”

“We’re always striving to make a tough job easier,” says Nick Sebastian, Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Pipeline Renewal Technologies. “Whether it’s through our products or through resources like this worksheet, we want to make pipeline rehabilitation easier for those who do it.”

The white paper can be found at http://inbound.envirosight.com/spot-repair-vs-end-to-end, and the worksheet can be found at http://inbound.envirosight.com/sewer-rehab-strategy-worksheet. Both are offered as part of Pipeline Renewal Technologies’ commitment to create and share resources that benefit the pipeline rehabilitation industry.
About Pipeline Renewal Technologies.

Pipeline Renewal Technologies is an Envirosight company focused exclusively on the pipeline rehabilitation market. The company offers technologies for no-dig structural lateral connection, drain and mainline cutting, durable point repair, video drain flushing and process measurement. A strong emphasis on support makes Pipeline Renewal Technologies the partner of choice for municipal contractors looking to gain a competitive edge with innovative technologies. Pipeline Renewal Technologies is a member of NASTT and NASSCO.


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