Pipeline Analytics Achieves Silver Partner Status with Esri

Aug 16, 2012


Pipeline Analytics, the company delivering WinCan pipe inspection and asset management software to North and South America markets, has achieved Silver Status in the Esri Partner Network. This accreditation recognizes WinCan software for having robustly integrated Esri’s ArcGIS geospatial technology platform, and the Pipeline Analytics team for having become fully conversant in this platform.

It also ensures Pipeline Analytics ongoing access to the latest Esri resources, tools and technologies, which are essential to maintaining WinCan’s technical leadership in GIS mapping and integration.
“Coming from the developer of the industry’s leading GIS platform, this is a very significant designation,” said George Brown, GIS Specialist at Pipeline Analytics. “It recognizes all that we’ve accomplished in our software, and gives us the tools to do even more. Best of all is what it means for our customers: assurance that WinCan will remain at the forefront of GIS technology within the pipe inspection and asset management market.”
ArcGIS is the platform underpinning WinCan v8’s GIS module, which allows management of water, stormwater and sewer infrastructure using GIS data. With this module, a user can simply click and drag on a map to create entire WinCan projects with prepopulated section data; automatically create linked map elements from observations; dispatch inspection and rehab crews with unprecedented ease; and augment GIS data with more infrastructure detail.
Among other functionality, WinCan GIS supports:
  • Feature Extraction: Plot observations into GIS as point features with links to videos and photos.
  • Revision Detection: Highlight differences between GIS and your WinCan data.
  • Reporting/Exporting: Create reports and export data into Excel.
  • Repair Strategies: Utilize observation data to create pipe-specific repair strategies.
  • Data Review: Review WinCan data outside of WinCan.
  • Mission Planning: Use GIS to create subsets of data for pipes to be inspected.
In addition to Esri Silver Partner status, Pipeline Analytics is designated a Cityworks Partner and an IBM Business Partner.

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