Order of approx. Euro 233 million for Hong Kong tunnel system

Aug 04, 2009

Leighton Asia to plan and build sewage system by October 2013

HOCHTIEF’s subsidiary Leighton has received an order worth more than Euro 233 million (AUD 410 million) in Hong Kong via its participation in Leighton Asia.

Working in a joint venture, the company is to plan and build a system of sewage tunnels. Leighton Asia holds an 80 percent stake in the joint venture, equivalent to a share of just over Euro 186 million of the order volume. The client is the Hong Kong Drainage Services Department.

Upon completion, the new tunnel system in Hong Kong’s harbour area will have a total length of 7.5 kilometers and will replace existing sewage infrastructure. The tunnels will be built at an unusual depth of 70 to 120 meters underground. Leighton Asia will start work in August 2009 and complete the project by October 2013. The order is part of the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) introduced by the Hong Kong government to renew the sewage systems.

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