Ontario Clean Water Agency and Mekorot Israel National Water Company Ltd. Sign Letter of Intent for Cooperation

Mar 21, 2012

The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) is pleased to announce they have signed a letter of intent for cooperation with Mekorot Israel National Water Company Ltd. (Mekorot). This long term collaboration will enable the two organizations to partner on international bid opportunities, exchange information and best practices on innovation, new technology, energy efficiency, automation, data management and analysis, water quality, emergency planning and event management protocols.

"We are thrilled to be collaborating with Mekorot and establishing a framework for shared opportunities to maximize the benefits of our collective and complementary expertise," says Jane Pagel, OCWA's President & CEO. "We both share a strong level of commitment to continuously improving the level of service to our respective clients."
Mekorot CEO, Shimon Ben Hamo, also expressed his enthusiasm saying, "I am confident that through this collaboration the combined capabilities of the two parties will yield results for the benefit of the water industry worldwide, as well as for the mutual benefit of both OCWA and Mekorot."
OCWA is Ontario's largest water operator and has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of water protection, remote monitoring and control of water treatment facilities and testing of innovative water related technologies. Mekorot specializes in the management, operation and execution of water projects and has developed expertise in areas such as water resources management, conservation, water supply systems and desalination.
OCWA and Mekorot are currently working to establish one or more exploratory teams in order to further discuss implementation and promote future cooperation.

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