Official Launching of the Foundation ITA-CET for Education and Training Actions on Tunnelling and Underground Space Use

Jul 16, 2009

Since 2000, ITA, the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association, has identified Education and Training as part of the challenges to take up in the next few years. The Association has created a working group made up with the representatives of its Member Nations, and a committee, which includes a double network of Universities and Companies interested in these matters.

Setting up its head office on the campus of the EPFL of Lausanne (Switzerland), ITA could develop the concept of university network in organizing training courses and in endorsing professional master courses on tunnel engineering developed in other institutions. These priority actions set up a favourable environment to create a body for education and training actions, in an industry where technological progress is quickly advancing and where information and training are always required.

In 2009, ITA decided to support the creation of a Foundation for Education and Professional Training in the field of Tunnelling and Underground Space. Any concerned organization can become founder or grantor of the foundation.

Mr Andre ASSIS, President of the Committee ITA-CET, recalls the birth of this Foundation.

What is the context for the creation of this Foundation?
"Today, the demand for training from students and Professionals is in great expansion. In order to fully meet these expectations, the Committee for Education and Training of the Association (ITA-CET) has decided that the setting up of an organization which could coordinate all the actions related to Education and Training should be supported from now on. This is the reason that the ITA General Assembly has validated the creation of a Foundation that will be financially independent from ITA but linked to its strategy, able to receive donations and to manage financially its activities."

What are the main goals of the Foundation?
"The Foundation will have the capacity to offer its services in the field of Education and Professional Training to companies and to professionals, including in countries not ITA members. Its goal is to be the link between all types of professionals working in the very specific sector of tunnelling and underground space: technicians, lawyers, financers, environmentalists, safety…

It will enable to strengthen the links between universities, research, and companies. Moreover, it will be present in the countries which do not have the financial means to organize training courses."

What types of actions would you like to set up?
"The activity of the Foundation will develop around several main lines: first of all, the endorsement of professional Master Courses developed in some universities, as it is already the case for Torino (Italy), Lausanne (Switzerland) and Madrid (Spain), and in progress for others, such as Athens (Greece), Texas (USA) and Lyon (France).

Then, we will set up training courses over two days or more, in the following fields:
Sprayed concrete in Underground Structures
Risk Management in Tunnelling
Mechanized Tunnnelling
Conventional Tunnelling
Safety during Construction and Operation
Waterproofing in Tunnelling
Underground Use for Sustainable Development

We will also pay attention to the requests from companies and we will organize for them some specific seminars in various sectors and training sessions upon their own request. Other traditional product, on the occasion of ITA annual conferences, is the 2-day training session, already offered since 2005.

In conclusion, I would say, as one can see through this programme, that our Profession is now engaged in a dynamic of search for excellence for our occupations thanks to training and to the networking of skills."

ITA-AITES Secretariat
c/o EPFL
GC D 1 402 (Bât. GC)
Station 18
CH - 1015 Lausanne
PH.: + 41 21 693 23 10
FAX: + 41 21 693 41 53

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