NivuFlow 650 - Intuitive Operation and a wide Range of Sensors

Jul 06, 2016

With NivuFlow 650 NIVUS present the successor to NivuChannel

The new transmitter has been developed for accurate flow measurement in open channels, part full and full pipes, and surface water bodies and is compliant with both ISO 6416 & IEC 60041. To meet the highest possible accuracy requirements it is currently possible to utilise the NivuFlow 650 using up to 4 velocity paths, with up to 32 velocity paths available by the end of 2016. It is then possible to measure multiple applications using only one transmitter.

The compact transmitter design is easily integrated into instrument cabinets using a DIN rail mounting system and is also available with a field enclosure that provides full protection under harsh environmental operating conditions. The transmitter’s large graphic display allows quick and easy commissioning of the flow metering system. The NivuFlow 650 provides extensive diagnostic options and allows in-depth analysis of operational function on site. The newly developed flow calculations are based on the very latest fluidal dynamic models. The unit can be maintained via Internet from anywhere in the world.

NIVUS have developed a wide range of highly accurate acoustic transducers, with both standard and bespoke mounting systems available to ensure the best and most flexible installation options are available for any measurement application. The system has been developed using future proof protocols complete with versatile choices for communication and I/O connections to open up a wide range of options for operators to integrate the instruments into SCADA or similar operating systems. Measurement in surface water bodies such as rivers, channels, irrigation systems, drainage systems as well as cooling water, process water, hydropower plants and turbine efficiency monitoring or leakage monitoring in pipelines are typical NivuFlow 650 applications.

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