New web map helps customers keep track of planned work

Dec 01, 2008

As Thames Water plans the largest investment ever by a UK water company, customers can now find out how they are likely to benefit.

By using a new, interactive map, available from today on Thames Water's website, customers can find out about the essential water and sewage services the company intends to provide between 2010 and 2015.

The proposed £6.5billion plans detailed in the map are set out in the company's draft Business Plan, which has been submitted to water industry regulator, Ofwat, for review.

Thames Water's Director of Strategy and Regulation Peter Antolik, said:

"As most of the investment we're looking for will be paid for by our customers, we think it's only fair that we make it easy for them to find out how their money is likely to be spent.

"Now information, which in days gone by would have been hidden in lengthy reports, is only a click away.

"Customers will not only be able to see what projects are proposed for their area, but as and when plans are approved by Ofwat, they will also be able to see when work begins and track its progress. We hope that customers will find this useful and that it helps them understand the scale of investment which is needed to ensure we can continue to deliver the best water and wastewater services to them in future years."

Thames Water is proposing increased levels of investment to protect thousands of homes from the threat of sewer flooding; to replace thousands of kilometres of ageing Victorian water mains, which are prone to leaks and bursts; and to safeguard future water supplies for customers.

The plans were drawn up after the company's most comprehensive consultation and reflect customers' concerns and priorities.

If the plans are approved, customers in the Thames Water area could expect the following service improvements over the next five-year period:

  • Fewer instances of sewer flooding through the delivery of alleviation schemes that would take more than 4,700 off the flood risk register
  • An increase of water meters on domestic properties from 25 per cent to 54 per cent, meaning fairer water bills for customers; coupled with an increase in information for customers on saving water and money
  • Improvements to water quality in the River Thames and River Lee through the London Tideway Tunnels project to capture sewage that overflows from the capital's sewers into the rivers
  • Reduced odour from the Slough and Little Marlow sewage treatment works through improvements to the plants
  • A smaller carbon footprint through improvements to works at Oxford and Banbury to generate renewable energy from gas produced during the sewage treatment process
  • Better protection of local water courses including the River Cherwell, Colwell Brook, and the River Kennet by maintaining high levels of sewage treatment.

"While this is a large and ambitious investment programme, we are determined to keep bills affordable," Peter said.

"By 2015, on average, customers will still be paying less than £1 a day for all their water and wastewater needs, which represents excellent value for money.

"We have proposed measures to help protect our most vulnerable customers and plan to set up a £5million independent charitable trust, financed from the company's profits, to help relieve water debts for those customers in hardship. We also want to offer a discounted tariff for the five per cent of our customers least able to pay their bills."

Thames Water will submit its final Business Plan to Ofwat in April 2009. Ofwat will make its final decision on the plan in November 2009.

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