New residential grinder eliminates sewage blockages

Aug 13, 2008

Twenty-five years experience in grinder pump development has now resulted in the Flygt DXG residential grinder that turns all solid matter into sludge.

A cost-effective choice for customers, the 1.1 kw unit features a heavy-duty cutting device that cuts solids in sewage into smaller bits–effortlessly passing through the sewage system.

“Risks of clogging or blockage are very low,” says Nils Irestedt, product manager at ITT Water & Wastewater. “The grinder system is easily adjustable, with a built-in regulator.” This means a control panel isn’t needed for the 1-phase DXG–making it ideal for a one-family household.

The design-protected cutter wheel, developed in-house by engineer Bengt Södergård, ensures highly effective cutting and complies to EN 12050-1. Both the wheel and cutter plate are rendered in hardened stainless steel. “The DXG is extremely durable,” says Södergård, who points to laboratory tests. They showed that the pump has performed more than 22,000 starts so far. That’s equivalent to more than 10 years of continuous operations.

The Flygt DXG grinder features patented trim of the cutting device. As well, it delivers true high performance with a maximum head of 25m and a capacity of 2.2l/s.

The Flygt DXG fits perfectly into prefabricated pump stations, and can be installed directly to a discharge connection with guide bars when fitted with a sliding bracket. It can also be installed by being suspended from a discharge pipe when fitted with an outlet bend.

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