New Plumbing Camera for Small Diameter Pipes and Tight-turn Radius Inspections Introduced by

Oct 06, 2017

Lightweight and compact, the MiniFlex plumbing camera is designed for navigating multiple bends in pipes from 1.25’’ and up. Features include a small camera head (0.76’’ in diameter) with 512 Hz sonde, a digital recorder and footage counter. has come up with a specialized solution for narrow piping inspection. A new MiniFlex inspection camera has just been added to its plumbing cameras family.

MiniFlex boasts a tiny camera head of just 0.76’’, or 19.5mm, put on a patented flexi-neck, thus making it possible to inspect small diameter pipes with multiple turns and bends. Despite its small size the bullet shaped camera head is well equipped. It features 12 high intensity white LEDs, a color CMOS camera chip, and a built-in 512 Hz beacon to locate the head with precision when it’s out of sight. To increase the camera head longevity, it is thoughtfully protected with stainless steel housing. Standard push cable length is 15 meters (49 ft.), 20 meters (65 ft.) or 30 meters (98 ft.).

The plumbing camera imaging HUB possesses a 5.6’’ color display in a protective metal case, equipped with a sunshield to make outdoor work in direct sunlight more comfortable. Inspection results can be documented thanks to a built-in digital recorder. The captured files are stored onto a removable SD card. The camera features numerous add-ons, such as a text generating function, a digital onscreen text generator, a USB card reader, a rechargeable battery, a 110V power adapter, and a skid used to center the camera head within larger diameter pipes.

MiniFlex can pass through multiple bends and turns in pipes from 1.5’’ and up, and through P-traps in pipes from 1.25’’and wider. This makes it an ideal device for inspection and maintenance of residential drains, swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, sprinkler lines, as well as any other application involving narrow diameter piping.

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