New Manhole Cover Device Prevents up to 90% of Storm Water Inflow

Oct 23, 2015

David Putnam, CEO of Sewer Sentry LLC, announces the introduction of the patented Sewer Sentry, a small, easy-to-install manhole device that can prevent up to 90% of inflow into sanitary sewer systems through manhole covers and can help prevent sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).

It also vents the sewer system of gases that create a highly corrosive environment for manholes, manhole rings and some pipes.

Constructed of DuPont™ Super Tough Zytel® ST801-NC010A nylon 66 resin, the device raises the hole through which rainwater flows into the manhole by ⅝ inch, diverting the vast majority of inflow.

“According to the Neenah Foundry Company, a 24" manhole cover with just one one-inch hole lets in an average of 13.23 gallons per minute (GPM) of water during rainstorms.(*) A town that has 400 manholes, with 50% in the road and 50% above ground, can expect to process 843,360 more gallons of water due to a four hour rainstorm,” explains Putnam.

“The Sewer Sentry can cut that number to less than 80,000 gallons, a huge savings for the municipality.”

Independently strength tested to 6000 pounds, the Sewer Sentry is engineered to stand up to typical road conditions. It takes a two person crew about 20 minutes to install using simple tools.

The device is available through and quality distributorships.

(*) Neenah Foundry Company, “A Report on Inflow of Surface Water through Manhole Covers,” date unknown.

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