New air valve for sewage applications

Nov 19, 2007

VAG-Armaturen GmbH ( has extended its product range by an automatic air valve for sewage applications. The VAG FLOWJET Air Valve can serve as both an aeration valve for the draining of sewage water lines and a deairing valve when sewage water lines are filled. It is also suitable for continuous ventilation under system pressure during operation.

The special features of the FLOWJET Air Valve are its corrosion-free and incrustation-free plastic body and its float made of polyethylene PE 100. The obvious result is a very low own weight of e.g. just 10 kg for nominal size DN 100, which makes handling during installation on site a lot easier. As the PE material is highly resistant against the impact of chemicals, dirt particles cannot adhere to the inside of the body.

This valve combines the high-performance technology of the VAG DUOJET® Air Valve which has proven its reliability for many years with a new sewage-compatible functional design for which VAG has applied for a patent. Due to this a high ventilation performance can be achieved.

The specially designed valve head of the FLOWJET reduces the air volume and lowers the level of the waste water inside the valve. Another feature is the protected functional area as all moving parts inside the valve are located in its head and are thus protected against waste water contact.

One of the main tasks the designers of the FLOWJET Air Valve had to deal with was to ensure particularly easy maintenance for the users. As soon as the pressure has been relieved from the pipeline, only the four cover bolts have to be unfastened and removed. Then the complete interior function unit can be pulled out towards the top fast and easily. Thanks to the incrustation-free plastic construction, the inside of the valve can be easily cleaned.

The new FLOWJET AIR VALVE series starts at nominal width DN 50 and can be used consistently up to nominal size DN 200 for working pressures up to a rated pressure of PN 16.

As a standard the valve is supplied with a loose flange connection so that the branch socket can be easily adjusted to the constructional conditions during installation on site. The flange connection dimensions of the standard type correspond to DIN EN 1092. Other connections, e.g. to ANSI Class 150 are also available.

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