NASTT Rocky Mountain Chapter Established in CO, UT, WY

Nov 25, 2009

Ten industry representatives gathered on Aug. 11 in Denver to discuss the possibility of a new NASTT regional chapter covering the states of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. This organizational committee meeting resulted in the formation of the Rocky Mountain Chapter - NASTT's newest chapter since the Mid Atlantic Chapter formed in 2004.

"In many ways, NASTT is a grass roots organization and the regional chapters represent the front lines. They are the ones that generate interest in trenchless technology on the local level and drive the growth and development of the trenchless industry," said Chris Brahler, NASTT Chairman.

The addition of the Rocky Mountain Chapter expands NASTT's presence into nine regional areas throughout North America: British Columbia; Great Lakes, St. Lawrence, and Atlantic; Mid Atlantic, Midwest; Northwest; Pacific Northwest; Southeast; and West.

"None of the amazing things we see in the trenchless industry on a national level would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our regional chapters," Brahler continued. "The expansion and acceptance of trenchless technology and its impact on the construction industry as a whole are due in so many ways to the efforts of the regional NASTT Chapters. So, to bring on another Chapter is really a significant cause for recognition."

"We look forward to working with NASTT to create a vibrant and useful chapter in the Rocky Mountain Region," said Tracy Lyman, the chapter's newly elected chairman. "The chapter has a number of events already planned to include holding an annual conference in 2010, as well as hosting forums as a way of introducing the chapter to local municipalities." The chapter also plans to join forces with other industry organizations - AWWA, JTAC, ASCE, AEG and CAGE - to promote the chapter's goal of raising awareness of trenchless technology on a local level.

The Rocky Mountain chapter is led by a strong group of committed leaders. Elected officers are Tracy Lyman, Chairman; Peggy Ganse, Vice Chairman; Ken Matthews, Secretary; and Aaron Burns, Treasurer. Subcommittees were also formed and champions identified to spearhead specific areas of interest: Dave Emm, Trenchless Construction; Joe Barsoom, Rehabilitation/Repair; Al Paquet, Asset Management; and Peter Bond, Municipal Interest.

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