Multifunctional tunnel for Wuhan

May 21, 2014

In the course of the visit to China by the German Minister of Economy and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel, a contract was signed on April 23, 2014 in Kunshan (Jiangsu Province) for the delivery of two tunnel boring machines for a large multifunctional tunnel in Wuhan (central China).

The 10 million metropolis of Wuhan is the most important transport hub in central China. By 2017 the metro network of 3 lines will be extended to 7, from the current 73 km to 215 km in length. The two Mixshields with an excavation diameter of 15.76 m to be supplied by Herrenknecht will cross under the Yangtze River in Wuhan and create a twin-bore double-decker tunnel.

A three-lane road will run on the upper deck, with metro line 7 below. The 2,590 meter long tunnel alignment runs up to 39.5 meters below the water surface in complex soil. On the one hand, a high water pressure of 5.3 bar must be dealt with. In addition, the tunnel runs through varying geological formations, partly completely sand and clay, partly a mixed geology with mudstone, conglomerates and sand. With its size and multipurpose use the construction represents a major reference project for mechanized tunneling worldwide.

In the past customer Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd. (STEC) has already realized several large-scale projects very successfully with Herrenknecht equipment, usually months ahead of schedule. These include several large-diameter road tunnels in Hangzhou and Shanghai.


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