Modernizing the Trier municipal waterworks: Ultrafiltration from inge watertechnologies provides 1,600 m³ of clean water an hour

Apr 19, 2011

Water supply

People in the Mosel town of Trier first experienced state-of-the-art water supply systems back in Roman times when aqueducts were introduced. Jump to the present day, and the Trier municipal utility company is once again helping the town to take on a pioneering role in Germany by equipping its local waterworks with a cutting-edge technology known as ultrafiltration, which purifies drinking water using purely physical means – without the use of chemicals.

The technology comes from the German company inge watertechnologies AG, one of the world's leading innovators in this field. In the future, the ultrafine pores of the membranes supplied by inge AG will filter 1,600 m³ of water an hour to remove viruses, bacteria and suspended solids from Trier’s water supplies. By giving the go-ahead for what will be the second biggest plant in Germany to use this ground-breaking technology, Trier is rediscovering its spirit of innovation.

The Roman town of Trier has boldly chosen the most innovative technology on the market to fulfill its future needs for drinking water treatment. Starting in the spring of 2012, up to 1,600 m³ of water per hour will be treated by ultrafiltration modules made by inge watertechnologies AG, a company based in the town of Greifenberg on the Ammersee lake in Bavaria, Germany. This means a total of 38,400 m³ of water from the Riveris reservoir will be purified each day through the purely physical method of removing bacteria, viruses and suspended solids from the water using ultrafine membranes – without the use of chemicals.

The Trier municipal utility company has invested in the very latest product from the world's leading provider of ultrafiltration technology: the T-Rack vario. Designed as an ultra-compact rack system, the T-Rack vario incorporates 312 dizzer XL 0.9 MB 60 modules in six filtration lines. The core component of these modules is the patented Multibore membrane, which is considered to be the most reliable and resilient solution available on the market. The municipal utility company's decision to place their trust in this Bavarian technology was based on the success of a long-term pilot project and the reasonably priced package offered by inge watertechnologies AG. During the pilot phase, the PES membrane supplied by inge watertechnologies AG proved itself to be superior to conventional PVDF products when it came to treating Trier’s reservoir water. One of the key criteria for choosing inge AG’s solution was the broader pH compatibility of the PES membrane, which avoids the need for frequent use of chlorine-containing cleaning chemicals. The hydrodynamically optimized dizzer ultrafiltration modules are designed to ensure highly resource-efficient operation, with operating pressures that are three or four times lower than conventional solutions and no need for air scouring.

inge watertechnologies AG’s sales manager Josef Wunram is delighted with the new project: “We are very pleased to have been awarded what is a truly huge contract by the standards of the German market. Along with the Arnsberg Mönnebogen and Langel projects, Trier provides yet another example of the pioneering role and market leadership we have achieved in the German ultrafiltration technology sector.”

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