MC-Injekt 2133 Stops Water Fast

Jan 03, 2020

MC-Bauchemie has launched the single-component, fast-foaming injection resin MC-Injekt 2133 for waterproofing applications. Among other things, it is suitable for stopping water flows in both buildings and construction pits.

It was more than 30 years ago that MC-Bauchemie introduced onto the market its two-component injection resin MC-Injekt 2033, a product specifically created to fill cavities and stop water ingress into buildings.

With the new single-component injection resin MC Injekt 2133, MC-Bauchemie has now developed a reliable product that requires no mixing or extensive preparation, enabling it to be used both easily and instantly. MC-Injekt 2133 is also phthalate-free, i.e. contains none of these potentially harmful plasticisers.

Immediately stops pressurised water

MC-Injekt 2133 is immediately ready for use, serving as a single-component plug in water-bearing cracks. The injection resin reacts quickly to water contact, foams and increases its volume by a factor of 60 within seconds, quickly stopping the flow of even pressurised water.

Its pot life is unlimited, thus ensuring maximum time and consumption efficiency. In order to achieve a durable seal, post-injection with MC-Injekt 2300 top / 2300 rapid is recommended after application of MC-Injekt 2133. With this 2-step injection method, MC-Injekt 2300 top / 2300 rapid reacts reliably in the protection of the foam structure to provide a permanent seal.

About MC-Bauchemie 

MC-Bauchemie Müller GmbH & Co. KG is a leading international manufacturer of building chemical products and technologies. Headquartered in Bottrop, Germany, the group of companies with over 2,500 employees operating in more than 40 countries around the world has – in the 50-plus years of its existence – consistently made a name for itself through the development of advanced solutions for the treatment of concrete and the protection and maintenance of buildings and structures. 


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