MC-Bauchemie develops new thermal filler for concrete cosmetic applications

May 17, 2016

With Nafuquick HT, MC-Bauchemie has developed a new thermal filler suitable for smoothing, profiling and otherwise improving concrete substrates with surface temperatures of up to + 70 °C.

The cement-bonded, polymer-modified fine filler for concrete applications is, with a maximum particle size of < 0.1 mm, extremely malleable and easy to apply and can be skimmed down to zero thickness. It can be used on warm concrete at surface temperatures of up to +70 °C immediately after removal of the formwork – and without prewetting or a bond coat – in order to seal pores and blowholes, fill wider areas and reprofile broken edges.

These properties are particularly useful for precast concrete production and mouldings, as improvement work can be carried out directly after stripping. Nafuquick HT is thus able to ensure visually attractive results while saving time and, ultimately, money.

The thermal filler is stable and therefore also suitable for overhead work. It is suitable for sanding, painting and overcoating and has been tested in accordance with EN 1504-3 (Class R1). With Nafuquick HT, layer thicknesses of up to 10 mm are possible.


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