Lux Research introduces water technology practice: New service announced at Lux Executive Summit, premier forum for science-driven innovation

Nov 03, 2008

Boston, MA – October 20, 2008 – Pressures on water availability are reaching new heights, with nearly half the world’s population facing severe water stress. Business leaders are seeking new opportunities to both meet these requirements and generate defensible profits, spending more than $220 billion in the last ten years on water deals. To assist them, Lux Research today introduced the Lux Water Intelligence service, which combines global innovation scouting with comprehensive reports and analyst access to uncover new technologies and business models in water. The service was announced at the opening of the 4th annual Lux Executive Summit, the premier forum for science-driven innovation.

“Water is like no other resource – you can burn a lot of things other than oil, but nothing can live without water,” said Matthew Nordan, Lux Research President. “Lux Water Intelligence was designed in response to our clients’ requests for innovation scouting in the $550 billion water universe.”

Focusing on breakthrough innovation in water technologies and business models, Lux Water Intelligence includes coverage of opportunities in areas like:
  • Desalination advances, such as hybrid reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, and freeze crystallization
  • Infrastructure integrity, including trenchless drilling, in situ rehabilitation, infrastructure assessment, and remote monitoring
  • Novel disinfection techniques, such as cavitation and high-energy irradiation for treatment of endocrine-disruptive substances
  • Waste management approaches, including zero liquid discharge, wastewater mining, and brine disposal
  • Water/energy technologies, such as pressure recovery, microbial fuel cells, and sludge gasification
  • Water rights and transportation, from private water districts and rights management exchanges to water exploration and long-distance transport business models

“Most executives and investors are ill-equipped to identify water opportunities,” said Michael LoCascio, Lux Research Senior Analyst and practice leader for Lux Water Intelligence. “Markets are highly fragmented, each technology depends on others, and adoption cycles are long. But great opportunities break through: witness desalination energy recovery supplier, Energy Recovery Inc., which managed to go public in Q2 of this year despite an anemic IPO market.”

The Lux Water Intelligence service will be generally available as of November 2008; select charter clients already have access.For information on how to become a client, contact John Schwartz at or +1 (646) 649-9582.

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