Jetting with Vision and Understanding Municipal Grant Opportunities

Aug 22, 2018

Finding the best visual assessment strategy for your sewer cleaning crew.

Sewer cleaning is safer and more productive when jetting crews can see what's underground, and yet many still work blind.

While jetter-mounted cameras have been around for years, recent technological advances have made them more detailed, more reliable, and more affordable.

This white paper provides an overview of these cameras, discusses how their evolving role has impacted design, and lists key performance criteria to consider when making a purchase decision.


Envirosight’s newest white paper discusses jetter-mounted cameras. Start finding out about the Free White Papers!

Understanding Municipal Grant Opportunities

For centuries, U.S. government grants have benefitted public health, economic development, environmental quality and community welfare initiatives. But for many organizations in wastewater management, grants remain inaccessible due to the daunting process of finding, researching and applying for these opportunities.

Today, millions of dollars of financial assistance hang just out of reach for resource-strapped public works organizations that don’t know how to effectively tap into them.

Envirosight’s newest white paper discusses grants in depth as they relate to the water and wastewater industry and answers utilities’ most frequently asked questions. Start finding additional funding today!

For water and wastewater organizations, securing additional funding can transform operations. But even though millions in grants are available, finding, researching and applying for these resources can be daunting.

In the new, free white paper, Envirosight explains the basics of government grants and helps you understand the process of tapping into these funding opportunities. Get your copy today, Download it now!

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