JD7 delivers leakage technology training in Bangkok

Jul 24, 2015

Pipeline inspection specialist JD7, a subsidiary of Aquam Corp, has completed the first training program for its advanced leak detection technology at the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) in Bangkok. The five-days of training for the utility’s network engineers follows a successful water mains inspection project undertaken by JD7 in the Thai capital.

MWA serves some 11 million people with mains water through a distribution network of over 32,000km. The utility is deploying JD7 Investigator as part of its Water Loss Reduction Plan to reduce non-revenue water (NRW) by identifying illegal connections and leaks. The company is currently running at 25% water loss and is targeted to reach 20% by 2017.

JD7 Investigator is an asset management and leak detection tool which can be inserted into pipework through valves and fire hydrants at full mains pressure. The system can monitor real-time data captured by a CCTV camera combined with an acoustic hydrophone sensor head. Investigator allows MWA network engineers to better understand internal pipe conditions, leakage points and illegal connections.

Cameron Manners, Chief Executive of Aquam Corp said, “JD7 has pioneered advanced technologies for non-disruptive testing of pressurized water mains globally. Completion of the training program in Bangkok allows MWA’s engineers to inspect and assess the utility’s water mains in the long-term.

“The proactive nature the JD7 Investigator technology is invaluable in terms of minimizing disruption to road users and the general public. It helps utilities coordinate and prioritize capital expenditure, which means pipework can be repaired and maintained before costly bursts occur.”

JD7 Training Engineer John Cooper, said, “The Investigator training for MWA was successful and I’m very impressed with the engineers who managed to pick up the technology with ease. After two days they were capable of delivering a survey and were amazed with the benefits of being able to see inside their water mains for the first time.”

JD7’s range of products includes leak detection technologies for water and gas as well as condition assessment. Training courses can be arranged according to customer requirements.

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