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Mar 15, 2006

The quality of our ground water and soil is determined not least by the state of sewers and pipework. High-grade pipes and proper economic construction of the sewers are a basic requirement for a long lasting network of pipelines. Intact sewerage pipes ensure that foul and rainwater is taken away safely and quickly. Modern sewer building is thus an investment for the future.

Network operators expect new high-performance products and practically oriented economical solutions for the area of water and waste water management. Solutions like those that Funke has presented for many years, with a full range from house connection right up to collection drains. The broadly based product range stretches from plastic piping systems for the disposal of waste water - this includes the HS®, the CONNEX® and the FABEKUN ® sewage pipe systems and also the KG pipe COEX 2000® - through drainage pipes right up to special purpose pipes.

The D Raintank®, a rainwater soak away system, and the D Rainclean® soak away trough for the treatment of rain water represent other important product ranges. This year Funke has made sensible modifications to important building blocks of the various systems. Among the highlights are the new HS®-VARIO coupler, which is revolutionising the field of connections, and the reworked CONNEX ® junction with adjustable socket with which the house connections and side feeds can be quickly, simply and flexibly linked to the collection drain.
Economical and versatile in use
The use of plastic pipes when relaying sewers belongs to the future. The flexible pipe systems can react dynamically to loadings (e.g. soil loading). In contrast to rigid materials this prevents cracks and fractures. There are considerable safety reserves in the flexibility and deformability of plastic pipes.

In addition to this - as tests had shown - they are long lived and lastingly leak proof. Plastic is characterised by its lightness, flexibility and favourable energy balance during its manufacture. Plastics, chosen correctly and with the right fittings, can be optimised for the specific purpose of use and, unlike conventional materials, can offer a high chemical resistance and a permanently smooth surface.

Even in high pressure flushing trials the material has provided proof of its toughness many times. Plastic pipes are characterised by their low weight. They are thus easy to handle even in long lengths. The pipe lengths can be individually matched to the installation situation on site. Plastic pipe systems have at their disposal all the necessary connection and junction modules in the same material. This versatility, their suitability for the industrial manufacturing process, combined with ease of handling and highly economical installation and operation, have led to plastic pipes and moulded components capturing an ever-larger market share.
Swivel range from 0° to 11°
New developments such as the CONNEX ® junction with adjustable socket and the HS-VARIO® coupler contribute a great deal to the success. The CONNEX® junction has been updated by Funke and once again a decisive function considerably improved. This component, developed in the "Hamm think tank" has already proven excellent in practice.

With the CONNEX® junction, house connection pipes or side feeds can be quickly, simply and economically connected to the collector drain - when relaying or for later installation. As of now this component has an integral ball joint. This allows the connected pipes to swivel through a range of 0° to 11°. The CONNEX® junction for this complies with the requirements of DWA A 139, according to which "connection pipes must be manufactured and connected so that they can take up movements". The considerably increased flexibility and articulation makes a decisive contribution to newly-laid house connection pipes having the desired quality of finish and a long life.

The use of the CONNEX® junction considerably simplifies conventional working methods. Exposing a metre wide section of the main sewer for the subsequent connections of pipes is no longer necessary. The pipe bed remains untouched during the assembly work. The fitting of moulded components and push-on sleeves after the otherwise normal twin cut through the relevant pipeline is also done away with. The precise, quick fitting saves time and money.

The new CONNEX® junction with adjustable socket comes in three versions: 200 mm bore with 200 mm top connection section for the DN/OD 250 to 1500 nominal diameter range, 200 mm bore with 160 mm top connection section for the DN/OD 400 to 1500 nominal diameter range and the smaller version 162 mm bore with 160 mm top connection section for the DN/OD 200 to 315 nominal diameter range (see Table 1).
Stress-free pipe connections
This is a real quantum leap when joining pipes: With the HS®-VARIO coupler, Funke makes house connections flexible and articulated. The new moulded component, acclaimed at the IFAT premiere, is a logical addition to the familiar HS® double coupler. Its special feature: the VARIO coupler has an integral ball.

This allows the connected pipe joints to swivel through a range of 0° to 11°. The new moulded component comes in the nominal sizes DN/OD 160 mm and DN/OD 200 mm, with a choice of female or male end. When relaying house connection pipes experience tells us that constraints could occur in the coupler area. The same applies when laying using elbows, when the specified angles cannot be adhered to.

The possible consequences are leaks and the intrusion of roots. With the development of the new HS®-VARIO coupler this is a thing of the past. The ball integrated into the moulded component is free to move in a range between 0° and 11°. This provides an optimal permanent ability to move for the whole HS® pipe system. It also considerably eases laying on site, as the Civil Engineers can adjust much more easily to the conditions on site with a flexible pipe system.
Nominal diameter
Ø Bore mm Main pipe nominal
160 162 ± 1mm 200-315
160 200 ± 1mm 400-1500
200 200 ± 1mm 250-1500
Table 1: Technical data
Source: Funke Kunststoffe GmbH
For example in the form of the HS®- VARIO coupler, as a permanently integrated component of the HS® inspection chamber family. Here the component facilitates the connection of house pipes into the HS® house inspection chamber and also their continuation to the collection pipe outside the site.

The VARIO coupler is particularly suited for use in renovation work. The new moulded component, like all other components in the HS® pipe system, has reinforced walls and is available in the colours blue (rainwater) and brown (foul water). The outside diameter/wall thickness ratio is SDR 34.

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