Infrastructure Conference in Tunisia with strong focus on pipes and sewer, water and trenchless technologies

Nov 30, 2012

Since 2008, when 43 states founded the UfM (Union for Mediterranean) many studies have been worked out and pilot projects have been started to help the Mediterranean countries to develop their economies. The EU did provide financial support. Now it is time to integrate economic operators especially small and medium sized enterprises.

Following an initiative of the Tunisian Government and under the Patronage of Monsieur Hamadi Jebali, Chief of the Tunisian Government, an international conference with accompanying exhibition will take place in Tunis for the first time on the subject of “Infrastructure” for all North African countries in January 2013. European and global companies are encouraged to become engaged and to bring forward solutions for the revitalisation of the infrastructures in North Africa.

Infrastructure North Africa (INA) covers the - for the North African region important - issues of water supply and waste water management, waste disposal, renewable energies, pipelines and traffic and transportation. In six sessions these issues will be discussed and solutions will be presented. For a better work, useful partners could be won to support the conference. GSTT (German Society for Trenchless Technology) will significantly assist the session „Trenchless Technologies“. For the session “Traffic and transportation” ITA (International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association), could be won as a partner.

INA will take place on January 21st and 22nd in Tunis and will be followed by several seminars on January 23rd. Participants of the seminars will get a deeper insight into “Trenchless Technologies”, “Integrity Management” and “Waste Water Management”.
In the framework of the preparations, Dr. Klaus Ritter visited several companies, authorities and ministries in Tunisia to secure their support. Due to that, the Tunisian Minister of Environment Mamia Elbanna Zayani and Riad Bettaieb, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation will be the Conference Chairmen of the „Infrastructure North Africa“.

The coordination of content of the conference will be carried out in an advisory committee which is represented on the European side by professional organisations and consultants. The North African states will shape the conference through their competent authorities concerned in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Morocco.

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