Industry first as Serline meets WIS for service pipes

Aug 25, 2017

In a first for the water industry, Aquam’s Serline lead pipe lining technology has met the requirements of a new water industry standard (WIS) for the in situ lining of lead service and communication pipes.

The WIS 4-02-03 for Operational Requirements: In Situ Polymeric Lining of Service Pipes was published in November 2016. Aquam was independently assessed by health and safety organisation NSF International in March 2017 and complied with all the requirements.

The areas under examination were:

  • Compliance with the ISO 9001 international standard that specifies requirements for quality management systems for products and services
  • Operators’ understanding of the requirements of the WIS standard
  • Compliance of Aquam’s Harrier vans with the requirements of the new standard

The patented Serline system has a key role to play in helping water companies reduce the levels of lead found in drinking water. Ensuring water quality targets are met reduces both risk of fines and substantial reputational risk.

Serline uses 3M’s 166L Rapid Setting Polyurethane/Polyurea Hybrid Lining resin, which has been developed for use in small-diameter pipes. The 3M 166L resin is DWI 31(4)(a) approved and can help utilities meet quality standards for allowable concentrations of lead.

Aquam operations director Simon Langley said, “I am delighted that Aquam is the first company to meet the new water industry standard on in situ lining of service pipes. This sets us apart from our competitors and will give our customers added confidence in Aquam’s Serline lead pipe lining system.”

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