In-Pipe wins contract extension for sewer maintenance technology in the US

Mar 30, 2015

In-Pipe has been awarded a three year contract extension for FOG control in the sewer collection system of Oklahoma City in the US.

The initial contract for the FOG pilot programme was signed with US based technology solution provider in March 2012, when the Oklahoma City Line Maintenance identified 27 trouble spots which necessitated regular flushing. Implementation of In-Pipe technology had eliminated the need for flushing after every 30-45 days, by confining it to a single main line.The solution also helped to reduce the use of ferrous chloride at lift stations for odour control, according to the Oklahoma City Wastewater Quality Division.

The patented technology for wastewater treatment plants involves the use of a highly concentrated formulation of facultative, naturally-occurring, non-pathogenic bacteria. It is placed at strategic locations throughout the sewer system according to a pre-evaluated engineered plan.With no major capital investments or use of energy, the technology helps to increase the plant's capacity and extends its life by protecting the infrastructure.

In-Pipe Technology for wastewater treatment plants involve the use of natural, biological methods, thus offering sustainable solutions which are viable both environmentally and economically.

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