Homeowners Look to Trenchless Technology Pipe Equipment as Money-Saving Alternative

Feb 12, 2010

Trenchless technology saves money on repair expenses and other inconveniences

Santa Fe Springs, CA - Now more than ever, homeowners are safeguarding their investments by paying close attention to the home’s infrastructure: for example, electrical and plumbing details. Unfortunately, economic circumstances have put many owners in a position that prevents them from devoting their hard-earned money to repairs.

One strategy is to focus on the essentials, and invest in quality products that will minimize the risk of an unforeseen catastrophe: for example, using trenchless technology, an above-ground pipe equipment easy visibility. This can save owners money as they are often able to detect problems before they arise.

Second, trenchless sewer pipe replacement and equipment remains accessible to the homeowner, eliminating the need to dig unsightly holes into a grass lawn. This in turn saves money on landscaping and labor costs - and the owner's investment is all the more protected.

Trenchless technology pipe equipment is available from drain cleaning machine specialist Gorlitz Sewer & Drain Inc. The company sells trenchless pipe equipment and other specialized plumbing products through its catalogs, website, and nationwide distributors.

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