HOBAS Storage System as Part of a Highway Drainage System

Oct 14, 2014

Nine Tanks Ensure Safe Journeys in Poland

In recent years, Poland has seen a great number of road constructions projects. Special attention was paid to the mssing A4 highway sections connecting the Polish-German with the Polish-Ukrainian border. Once completed, the highway will be about 670 km long. HOBAS Retention Tanks ensure efficient drainage on important sections.

To provide safe roadways, stormwater has to be drained quickly and efficiently from the surface. A well thought-out drainage system ensures the safety of travelers and prevents damages to the road. Tanks play a key role in this, for they temporarily store a surcharge of water. One of the biggest projects that employed GRP tanks was the construction of highway A4 in the south of Poland. Two lanes in either direction divided by a wide median were built, making also a provision for a third lane. Tanks for storage and equalizing pressure with a pumping station were integrated at several points of the drainage system. This was necassry due to the enviromental requirement that stormwater on the 9.32 km highway section needs to be collected and discharged in a closed system.

A total of 9 tanks with a capacity of 266 to 854 m3   each were delivered. The storage tanks size was chosen to match the expected water volume including also a possible surcharge of 10% and some extra volume for emergency situations. They comprise 2 to 3 pipes DN 3000, 13 to 62 meters in length. The delivery also included insection manholes.

In this project, the investor opted for HOBAS GRP Pipes to ensure a long service life and the required mechanical strength as well as a smooth in- and exterior for low maintenance. The contractor valued the flexibility regarding the deliveries that made it possible to complete the installation on time.

The tanks were installed between July and December 2011. Thanks to the light weight of the GRP units and their push-on FWC joints, the storage systems were assembled within 1-2 days only


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