HOBAS is reaching for the stars - 2007 was the best year in HOBAS History

Mar 17, 2008

The best present for the 50th anniversary of HOBAS Pipe Systems probably came from HOBAS itself: A record result of the Group's annual accounts since the company's founding in 1957. HOBAS, the leading supplier of CC-GRP (Centrifugally Cast Glassfiber Reinforced Plastics) Pipe Systems, advanced production technology and know-how, achieved a consolidated turnover of approximately 200 Million Euros and grew by 11% within one year only. From 2006, the Group boosted pre tax profits by 26%. These are company results of which Ms. Strohmaier, who was appointed Managing Director of the Group in summer 2007, is very proud: "In spite of the tense general economic situation last year HOBAS peaked in its performance and closed the business year far over the set target."

Western Europe developed favourably with considerable turnover increase despite difficult economic circumstances and the upswing in Eastern Europe filled the order books resulting in double-digit growth percentage. Taking a look across the ocean, HOBAS Pipe USA could not be stopped in 2007 and outperformed the excellent turnover of the prior year for the sixth time in a row.

The record growth can for a part be attributed to HOBAS Management and HOBAS Engineering in Klagenfurt. Both support each of the HOBAS Organizations in R&D, Engineering, Marketing, IT, Controlling and Finance.

The outstanding results speak for the outstanding performance of HOBAS and the future looks auspicious. "We are planning to increase the group's turnover by 50% until 2012. Acquired positions in existing markets shall be optimized with investments and new markets in Central, Eastern and South Europe are to be developed", says Doris Strohmaier defining the future direction of the company. Interesting projects, challenging jobs and targeted education and training already let HOBAS Members reach for the stars.

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