Hobas and Amiantit combine European businesses to become stronger together – specialists in high performance plastic pipe systems join forces

Jan 16, 2017

WIG Wietersdorfer Holding GmbH and Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company announced their plans to merge their European pipe businesses HOBAS Europe and Amiantit Europe including FLOWTITE Technology. Both companies are specialized in the production of high performance plastic pipe systems and plan to operate as one unit under a 50:50 ownership structure.

“HOBAS and Amiantit Europe have distinct competences that fit perfectly alongside each other. HOBAS is a specialist for ‘centrifugally cast’, Amiantit for ’continuous filament wound’ pipe systems“, explain the respective business leaders.

“Growing together with each other“

The headquarters for the new business will be in Klagenfurt (Austria). The production of pipes, which are mainly used for drinking water, irrigation, waste water, hydropower and industry, will continue in Germany, Austria, Spain, Poland and Romania. The product brands of HOBAS and FLOWTITE are essential and will be further developed by the new company.

“Through the merger both companies will concentrate strengths and grow together”, emphasize the CEOs. “Together we have a unique team of talented and experienced individuals. This is our greatest asset and guarantee of future success. Our combined product portfolio will enable more focused customer solutions and facilitate growth against traditional pipe technologies. Both businesses have a history of innovation and we are excited by the possibilities of merging the technologies.” Research and development will continue in Sandefjord (Norway) and Wietersdorf (Austria).

Until the relevant competition authorities approve the merger both HOBAS Europe and Amiantit Europe will operate independently.

Each company currently has around 650 employees.

About Amiantit Europe and FLOWTITE Technology

Amiantit Europe and FLOWTITE Technology are subsidiaries of Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company SAAC listed on the stock-exchange of Saudi Arabia. The Group serves municipal, civil engineering, industrial, energy, and agricultural markets worldwide, supporting global infrastructure development.

About HOBAS Europe

HOBAS is a subsidiary of WIG Wietersdorfer Holding GmbH, a conglomerate of the construction material and pipe industry, based in Klagenfurt (Austria). HOBAS is known for its competences in high performance plastic pipes systems which are produced in Europe and USA and are sold worldwide.

Products of both companies are successfully used in the areas of drinking water, irrigation, waste water, hydropower as well as in other industries.


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