Herrenknecht supplies first TBM for Metro construction in Rio de Janeiro.

Dec 17, 2012

Tunneling and gallery techniques

Herrenknecht AG is supplying a tunnel boring machine with a diameter of 11.46 meters for the construction of the new metro line 4 in Rio de Janeiro. It will contribute to relieving the traffic routes in the metropolitan area. At the company’s headquarters in southern German Schwanau the first tunnel boring machine to be used in Rio de Janeiro was accepted by the customer in late September 2012.

The »Cariocas«, the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro, have some eventful years ahead of them. In 2014, Brazil hosts the soccer World Cup. Two years later, in 2016, the Summer Olympics are in Rio de Janeiro. In between, in 2015, the 450th Birthday of the city will be celebrated The state government of Rio de Janeiro is investing in a range of infrastructure projects to improve the traffic situation for the approximately eleven million inhabitants of the metropolitan area, and for the expected guests. One major project is the construction of the new Metro Line 4, with a total length of 14 kilometers.


This summer UNESO put the city of Rio de Janeiro on the World Heritage list. Rio de Janeiro possesses the world's largest urban forest. About a quarter of the urban area consists of mountainous landscapes including some steep, unbuildable slopes. The population density in the city is correspondingly high, as is the pressure on the transport infrastructure. It is completely overloaded and urgently needs to have its capacity expanded for the coming big events. In addition to the two existing metro lines with a total length of about 41 kilometers, the new »Linha 4« along the Atlantic coast is being built to create an efficient connection between Barra da Tijuca to the west and the suburb of Ipanema. From Ipanema, Metro Line 1 travels towards the city center, where the Maracanã stadium is currently being completely modernized for the soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games.

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