"Guideline Microtunnelling" newly published by Stein & Partner

Jan 18, 2006

A new international technical guideline "Practical Guideline for the Application of Microtunnelling Methods" (ISBN 3-9810648-0-1) of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH, Bochum is available since December 2005.

This is the second private published title by Stein & Partner, the first being the technical book "Trenchless Technology for Installation of Cables and Pipelines" (ISBN 3-00-014955-4).

The 111-sided guideline is completely designed in colour and provides a comprehensive and understandable outline and view of the possibilities of trenchless pipeline construction for the installation of non-accessible sewer pipes via pilot pipe jacking and microtunnelling.

Every aspect, which has to be considered in planning, construction and acceptance of construction work, is outlined practically oriented and described easy to understand in the 15 chapters, 85 figures and pictures and 26 charts. This topic is completed by detailed method descriptions.

Stein & Partner will continue to make the enormous expert knowledge within the area of pipeline construction and pipeline maintenance accessible for the large expert readership. This also includes the growing level of knowledge concerning the various fields of activity within the areas research, engineering, surveys and reports, statics, net management and new media. Further publications and books are in process. For instance the second technical book "Trenchless Technology for Installation of Cables and Pipelines – 2nd Volume: Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)" will be published this year.

The guideline "Practical Guideline for the Application of Microtunnelling Methods" can be ordered at Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH (Tel.: +49-234-5167-191, ansgar.brauer@stein.de; or via Internet http://www.stein.de, publishing) for 39,00 € (Euro) plus VAT and postage and packing. The English and German online version of the guideline are available for interested readers on the Internet platform http://www.unitracc.de.

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