Grundopit under house drilling

Jul 11, 2008

Shareridge Limited, a utility contractor based in Waterford contacted TT Ireland ( to carry out a demonstration using a Grundopit 40/60 mini-directional boring system for the project they are currently employed by Waterford County Council under the guidance of Mr Joe Corcoran, Principal Engineer of Grontmij.

The demonstration consisted of boring beneath terrace properties in the Pearse Park and German Road area of Waterford to replace the existing lead water services with a new 20mm PE water pipe.

The bores varied in length from between 15m and 20m.  Due to their being no side access to the rear of the properties, it was necessary to bore beneath the properties.

After discussions between Mr Michael McNamara of Shareridge Limited and TT Ireland's demonstration team, it was agreed that the Grundopit 40/60 mini-directional boring system would be ideally suited to this application due to its lightweight and compact design.

To reduce any additional concerns to the householders, the pilot boring operation was carried out remotely using a Radio Detection G2 locating system which gave the demonstration engineers on site constant feedback with regards to the depth and inclination of the borehead throughout the pilot boring operation.  The average depth which the borehead passed beneath the foundations of the properties was 1.2m, this was at the request of Waterford County Council Engineers and eliminated any risk of disturbance to the house foundations.

Once the pilot bores had been completed, the Sonde housing was removed and the new 20mm PE water service was connected directly to the drill stems via a swivel and then pulled into the bore hole as the drill stems were retrieved from the start pit.

The average time to carry out a complete bore, i.e. set up the equipment, carry out the pilot boring operation and then install the 20mm PE water service, was 1 hour and 30 minutes.

As can be seen on some of the photographs, the ground conditions were less than favourable and taking this into consideration both the Director and members of the Waterford County Council were more than satisfied with the outcome of the Pilot Project and commented that this cost effective Trenchless method of lead pipe water service replacement would definitely be used more in the future.

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