Global Water Technologies plans pilot "smart water grid" project with people + pipes + policy

Jan 09, 2013

Global Water Technologies is planning to launch a pilot “smart water grid” that demonstrates the importance of addressing sustainable infrastructure through a comprehensive approach that shows benefits to people, pipes and policy.

In the past year, the company has announced a patented new sensor + software solution for monitoring conditions in underground water pipes and partnered with the Buried Asset Management Institute - International (BAMI-I) to test new solutions for aging water infrastructure.

Now Global Water Technologies is expanding the focus on water loss in underground pipes to include its impact on people in local communities and public policy that can make better use of valuable water resources.

“People, pipes and policy are the three key factors in creating sustainable water infrastructure and we are working to demonstrate how a comprehensive approach can make a real difference in the water sector,” said Erik Hromadka, CEO of Global Water Technologies.

Hromadka said collaboration among water utilities, community leaders, research universities and innovative companies will be key to successfully demonstrating local solutions to national water infrastructure problems in the United States.

Global Water Technologies is seeking municipal and financial partners to demonstrate how such an approach can address the major crisis of aging water pipes that lose 20 percent of drinking water and cause hundreds of water main breaks in the United States every day.

New technology can be a helpful tool for maintaining water pipes, but its real impact is on the people affected by water loss and we need public policy that provides clean, safe water, Hromadka said.

Parties interested in participating in a pilot smart water grid project should contact the company. More information about Global Water Technologies is available at:

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