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Jan 31, 2019

RICO celebrates its 40th anniversary.

At RICO GmbH in Kempten im Allgäu, everything has revolved around microelectronics and sensor technology for sewer inspectors for 40 years. They have been working with the TV inspection systems for pipes and sewers since the company was founded in 1978 and are driving the development of the systems with their questions and application needs.

Since its inception, the industry has quickly become a strong global player in the industry. In 1990 RICO became part of the ROTHENBERGER group of companies and the original building was extended. In 1994, the Kleinwalsertaler company EAB, developer and manufacturer of small, mobile cameras, merged with RICO.

The medium-sized flexibility and speed as well as the substance from the group integration enables RICO to take up a special position in the competition until today.

In addition to camera systems, RICO soon expanded complete vehicles. Since the beginning of the development, the Kempteners have paid great attention to ergonomic equipment and user-friendliness. To demonstrate this technique, committed employees produced various demonstration setups. The vehicles were initially equipped with video recorders, video printheads, a computer with MS DOS operating system and a channel acquisition program.

As early as 1990, the mobile compact system for pushing and driving offered the possibility of recording images using a sun protection tube and instant camera. For this purpose, users had to put the sunscreen tube on the tube screen, so as to produce images.

The handling of the products turned out to be cumbersome. Push rods on the flexible camera cable were needed to move the cameras - nowadays there is a push cable that combines cable and push bar. As with the sliding system sliding system TINY|PLUS.

This push cable simplifies the handling of today's technology by far. Also, today's RICO systems offer integrated recording capabilities such. For example, in the CROSS|TOUCH mobile vehicle system, where the entire documentation is already included by means of an integrated industrial PC and inspection software.

Individual vehicle development has become one of RICO's unique selling propositions: customer wishes are also implemented. The experience accumulated over the years and the know-how of the employees make the most diverse vehicle conversions so special. Inspection software already includes all the documentation.

Through a worldwide network of sales partners and service centers, RICO can quickly and individually implement different customer tasks. For example, RICO has been working with the Italian GEOVISION as a distribution partner since 1983. Back then, RICO had already expanded one of the first fully equipped TV inspection vehicles for the city of Parma.

The latest milestone in the development of the Kempten specialists is the HD image technology. RICO combines full HD digital camera technology with 1000 meter transmission cable and transmits films without loss.

The new CROSS|HD product family, which includes the CAM|150, the trolley TRAC|150 and the new cable drum CROSS|DRUM includes, delivers brilliant pictures and movies. The transmission distance of 1000 meters can be extended on customer request. Convenient for users: the longer the cable, the less frequently the camera and trolley must be put into operation. This saves time and orders can be processed faster and easier.

With this technology, RICO has also taken on the well-known problem of requiring users to perform system balancing for analog data transmission and cable shortening. The digital data transfer of the CROSS|HD system eliminates the need for full adjustment.

This innovative technology is the logical continuation of the company's history, in which RICO has developed and offered intelligent solutions for every pipe diameter and duct and pipe inspection. Whether it's a push or pull operation, a mobile system or a fully equipped sewer inspection vehicle - we look forward to every task that our customers will put forward and thank us, and to all customers, partners and employees who have made the company a technology and services company that it is today.

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