FT Pipeline Systems Reveals Boiler Pipe Range

Jan 31, 2012

FT Pipeline Systems, a leading supplier of steel and ductile iron pipes for the UK water and construction industries, has unveiled a range of carbon steel boiler pipes available in an extensive range of different specifications.

FT Pipeline Systems are now able to offer a range of high quality boiler pipes whatever the requirement, including power plant parts such as pipe bends, heat exchangers and components or boiler coils. Sourced from a German supplier, the range of pipes is of a high quality and extremely cost effective.
In addition, FT Pipeline Systems is officially the first supplier in Europe to offer boiler pipes in the diameter range 33.7mm to 114.3mm where only the weld has been post-annealed. This is a massive advantage for its customers that the subsequent heat treatment of the weld seam achieves results comparable with the widely used full-body annealed pipes at a lower cost.
Duncan Frazer, CEO of pipe suppliers FT Pipeline Systems, said: “Our latest range of boiler pipes add great value to our growing selection of products. It is a fantastic development that we’re now able to provide boiler pipes with post-annealed welds to the European industry in such an economical way.
“The pipes are available in lengths of up to 24m and diameters 33.7mm to 114.3mm; this means that less welding and examining is needed, offering further cost savings to the customer. Furthermore, our boiler tubes are much more straightforward to produce and are as such far more cost-effective.”

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