Final Report ACHEMA 2006 - 28th International Exhibition-Congress on Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology

Jul 24, 2006

ACHEMA 2006 (15 - 19 May 2006 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany), the leading international event for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology in Frankfurt am Main, was a complete success for exhibitors and visitors alike. Representatives from across the industry expressed satisfaction with the excellent quality of the discussions and contacts at the show. Right from opening day, a number of exhibitors reported that they were able to establish good business contacts and engage in partnership discussions which give them good cause for optimism.

ACHEMA 2006 was larger and more international than any of the previous ACHEMA events. 3,880 exhibitors from 50 countries were on hand this year compared to 3,819 exhibitors from 48 countries at ACHEMA 2003. Exhibitors presented a very extensive range of system solutions, equipment, technological expertise and services for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries and related sectors of the material processing industry on 135,514m2 of net exhibition space between May 15 and May 19, 2006 at the world’s largest industry event.

Around 180,000 professionals from 98 countries were at ACHEMA to find out more about the latest developments and trends and to establish new business contacts. The international significance and innovative energy of the 28th ACHEMA show were greater than ever before according to DECHEMA Chairman Alfred Oberholz. The event also reflected the state of the worldwide economy.

Good visitor response and excellent contacts

Many exhibitors reported a higher level of qualified discussions and international contacts. The slight decline in visitor numbers (-4.4%) was not really noticeable, because foreign visitors often attended the show on several days, and this more than compensated for the lower overall visitor numbers. In many cases more than 50% of the contacts were made with visitors from outside the country. Exhibitors welcomed the decision not to keep the show open on Saturday.

A visitor survey revealed that for the first time more than 30% of visitors came from outside of Germany, which is an 8% increase compared to 2003. There were large delegations from Japan, India, China and the Middle East along with high-profile representatives from business and major institutions in the various countries.

Significantly more exhibitors from around the world

The number of exhibitors from other countries exceeded the figures for all previous events (44.4% this year compared to 37.7% in 2000 and 40.9% in 2003). If you include foreign companies which were represented at ACHEMA by their subsidiaries or agents (which are included as German companies in the statistics), then the percentage of foreign companies rises to over 50%. "ACHEMA has moved to an entirely new level and solidified its reputation as the leading worldwide show for the process industries," commented Gerhard Kreysa, DECHEMA CEO and organizer of ACHEMA.

The largest contingents came from Germany (2,157 exhibitors), Italy (266 exhibitors), the UK (204 exhibitors), Switzerland (177 exhibitors), the US (173 exhibitors), France (137 exhibitors) and Holland (104 exhibitors). The Asian region showed the strongest growth in exhibitor numbers (China +185%, South Korea +143% and India +61%). Representatives from China, India, Pakistan and Brazil among others have already indicated that they will have a stronger presence at the next ACHEMA. Visitors and exhibitors are already showing a high level of interest in ACHEMASIA which will be held next year from May 14 – 18, 2007 in Beijing.

ACHEMA Congress – forging tomorrow’s innovation

The 925 talks at the international ACHEMA Congress set a new record and revealed a number of new approaches in process engineering and biotechnology. Nearly all of the talks were held in English, and there was a high level of involvement by industry professionals. Microprocess technology, nanotechnology, process automation, new biomass-based fuels, membrane technology, water technology, new fuel cell materials and new process technology with green solvents were the most popular topics.

AchemAsia 2007 in China – the next gathering of the ACHEMA community

AchemAsia, which is based on the ACHEMA model, was established in China back in 1989 as part of the forward-looking DECHEMA business strategy. The seventh AchemAsia show will be held next year from May 14 – 18 in Beijing. AchemAsia is now the leading event in the Far East for suppliers to the process industry. The Asian market and China in particular are very lucrative growth markets for exhibitors from the international community who were represented at ACHEMA. Exhibitors welcome the opportunity to have a presence in regions where the process industry is growing, and they are pleased to contribute to the establishment and development of worldwide networks for the process and capital goods industry. In the age of globalization, suppliers know more than ever that they have to follow the markets.

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