Envirosight Releases Water and Wastewater Regulations Poster

Dec 06, 2018

New resource provides a clear, concise introduction to U.S. standards and laws.

Envirosight, the market leader in underground pipeline inspection equipment, has released an illustrated poster explaining United States water and wastewater regulations. This poster provides a graphical representation of the various laws administering wastewater and wastewater discharge.

From enforcement of the Clean Water Act to National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits, these complex regulations have significant legal and financial ramifications for communities. However, the teams that manage wastewater systems often have limited insight into the governmental bodies and standards that define their work.

“Following the regulations from the U.S. EPA is important for both individual communities and the nation as a whole,” says Jake Wells, marketing director for Envirosight.

“These rules ensure environmental health and foster accountability. But, the system can be confusing. Our poster lays out the laws, the agencies that enforce them, and the acts that made them.”

This new resource assists public utility employees with understanding the agencies and regulations that oversee essential infrastructure. It was created as part of Envirosight’s commitment to provide resources to support compliance and improvements across the water and wastewater industry.

This poster helps you understand the Clean Water Act, the role of state authorities, consent decrees and more! It’s perfect for an office, garage, truck or other workspace. Request your poster today!
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