Ditch Witch JT60 and JT60 All Terrain Directional Drills Introduced

Feb 03, 2014

The Ditch Witch organization introduces two new horizontal directional drills: the JT60 and the JT60 All Terrain. Each drill is equipped with 60,000 lb (267 kN) of thrust and pullback plus 9,000 ft•lb (12,200 N•m) of rotational torque - a powerful combination that results in exceptionally efficient and productive installation of utilities.

Powering each drill is the contractor's choice of a 190-gross-hp (142-kW) Tier 3 or 200-gross-hp (149-kW) Tier 4i diesel engine. Both engines provide sufficient power for each drill's mechanical and hydraulic components, including an onboard, 150-gpm (560-l/min) fluid pump that helps ensure productive drilling at greater distances. The pump is enclosed to reduce noise and protect components from harsh conditions.

A climate-controlled cab, a heavy-duty double rack-and-pinion thrust drive, intuitive carve mode, easy serviceability, and many of the other features shared by these drills are results of direct input from customers. One feature unique to the JT60 All Terrain directional drill is the patented, two-pipe All Terrain drilling system that provides more power to the bit than any other rock-drilling system in its class, enabling the JT60 All Terrain to be more productive in the widest range of ground formations.

Last but not least, both the JT60 and the JT60 All Terrain will come factory-equipped with the proven Ditch Witch GPS offering at no additional charge. The Ditch Witch organization and U.S. Fleet Tracking are providing the hardware, installation and one year of premium service as a special promotion for JT60 customers. Users of the system are able to remotely view engine hours, operational hours, service reminders, machine location, and various other performance criteria.

"Knowledge is power," states Steve Seabolt, Ditch Witch GPS product manager. "Users will gain valuable awareness into operator practices, idle time and fuel consumption. Owners also typically receive a significant discount off their insurance premiums. We’re very excited about the JT60 and JT60 owners' utilization of the GPS system."

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