DIBt-Certification for the Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Process "Easy Liner"

Aug 16, 2007

Since June 2007, the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) process "Easy Liner" by Easy Liner GmbH, 44795 Bochum (Germany) now possesses the general building authority approval by the German Institute of Building Technology (DIBt) for the rehabilitation of directly buried drains and sewers in the nominal size range of 100 to 300 mm. The approval number is Z-42.3-414.

Based on a cold-setting ("Easy Pox 3008") and thermosetting ("Easy Pox T 0530") variant of epoxy resin, the user is able to choose the most competitive "Easy Pox" resin type depending on the object. So, on the one hand, the user has enough time for the impregnation and the inversion process, but on the other hand, no unnecessary waiting times develop regarding the curing time. With the thermo-reactive resin "Easy Pox T 0530" curing times of less than an hour (with thermal curing) can be achieved with a processing time of after all 5 hours. This is why for this type of resin there is currently no competitive product available and why it presents a highly interesting and economic alternative for the professional.
All types of resin by Easy Liner GmbH are free of styrol and therefore allow the user to dispense with an external foil, so the liner can adhere to the old pipe. Additionally, due to the excess resin it can partially enter a mechanically physical bond.

Furthermore, the great number of cured-in-place liner types by Easy Liner comprehensively covers nearly all requirements regarding chemical and mechanical durability, easy soaking behaviour, good invertability, partial bridging of a difference in dimensioning and partially good passing of bends due to different emphases of the products. As regards the liner, the polyester fibre tubes "ThermoLiner" and "ThermoLinerplus" are the subject of the DIBt-Certification. The latter product is marked by its very good behaviour in bends of up to 87°; the alteration of length is very low despite the radial extensibility.

Besides the liner systems, the entire range of equipment for liner installation can also be purchased from one source supplemented by the corresponding training and instructions. They include vacuum pumps, tables for impregnation, inversion drums, camera units, milling robots, hot water aggregates as well as steam generators of different dimensions, for example.
The cured-in-place liner systems are supplemented by a corresponding range of felt- or glass-based top hat sleeves as well as the corresponding packer systems for top hat sleeves.

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