Danish well drillers rely on German drilling technology

Apr 02, 2012

The members of the Danish Water Well Drillers’ Association were all in agreement regarding the destination for their technical fact-finding mission this year and headed to STDS-Jantz in Attendorn, Germany. The 25 strong delegation, from companies which specialise in geotechnical investigations, well drilling and searching for explosive ordinance, were impressed by the product range and the state-of-the-art production facility in March this year.

Peter Jantz, Managing Director at STDS-Jantz, explains: “We were, of course, very pleased with the great deal of interest shown and the appreciation they expressed for our drilling technology in Denmark.” The guests were particularly fascinated by the extensive range of hollow stem and CFA augers manufactured in all sizes and to cater for all torques as well as the excavator-mounted rotary heads and augers specially developed by STDS-Jantz for the Danish market and used for taking disturbed soil samples.
“Above all, the development of individual solutions and the high level of quality were a major reason for us to take a look at production at STDS-Jantz ourselves” commented one of the Danish guests. “You can see and sense the depth of experience that lies behind the use of cutting-edge technologies for production here,” The Northern European visitors were also impressed by the high level of in house manufacture and the production technologies used, which include friction welding machines, CNC-controlled coupling production and the welding of augers using robots.
For the Danish Water Well Drillers’ Association, the visit provided a valuable insight into the company and was a fascinating visit to see and understand the impressive production processes for cutting-edge drilling tools and for STDS-Jantz, it was an additional incentive to continue developing advanced technologies for their international markets.

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