Compact, lightweight and multifunctional

Nov 24, 2011

Compact valve solutions save space and installation time and offer considerable cost advantage. Multifunctional plastic multi-port valve blocks meet all fluidic and gaseous application requirements in the smallest of spaces.

With its small, lightweight but nevertheless highly efficient plastic diaphragm valve solutions, GEMÜ, the German specialist for valves, measurement and control systems based in Ingelfingen offers a portfolio for compact, safe and cost-efficient plant design meeting today's plant engineering requirements.
Advantages over conventional valve designs
Multi-port valve blocks P600 in particular have a major advantage over conventional valve design solutions. They are compact, space-saving and, due to their individual design, are able to perform a range of quite different functions in the most confined spaces, such as mixing, dividing, diverting, draining, feeding and cleaning - all in one block! Safety and control functions as well as the integration of sensors, filters and non-return valves are also possible.
Basis for system components
Intelligently designed, multi-port valve blocks form the basis for compact plant components with high functionality. Complex piping systems are highly simplified by block valve solutions. They largely eliminate the need for additional adapters and moulded parts. Quick and simple installation is ensured by the integration of standard connection types.
Wide range of applications
GEMÜ compact, lightweight multi-port valves are suitable for a wide range of applications in various industrial sectors. The range of cost effective applications extends from installations for chemical processes in the chemicals and environmental chemistry and plant solutions in surface finishing, coating and electroplating, as well as municipal and industrial water treatment, all the way through to solutions for power stations. Even when it comes to sensitive processes and systems, such as reverse osmosis plants, neutralisation, swimming pools with microfiltration systems and chemical processes involving aggressive and corrosive media, multi-port valves are a cost-effective alternative to conventional valve designs. But, of course, they can also be used where inert media and processes are controlled.
Highly resistant
The plastic multi-port valve blocks ensure high flow rates and, depending on valve specification, operate reliably at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +80°C and pressures of up to 10 bar. They are highly resistant, even to aggressive and corrosive media. In addition to valves, GEMÜ offers a comprehensive range of accessories including controllers, flowmeters, stroke limiters and customised sensors all possible to integrate into the multi-port valve block.

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