Colorado School of Mines Offers Tunnel Short Course

Jun 12, 2008

One-of-a-Kind Course Set for September 10-12

The Colorado School of Mines, in conjunction with Tunnel Business Magazine and Microtunneling, Inc., presents "Breakthroughs in Tunneling" - a three-day Tunnel Short Course that will cover all aspects of conventional and mechanized tunnel design and construction in hard rock, soft ground and soils. The Short Course will be held Sept. 10-12 on the School of Mines campus in Golden, Colo.

This one-of-a-kind short course provides in-depth, specialized instruction not offered anywhere else in the world. The Tunnel Short Course benefits anyone involved in the multi-billion dollar global tunneling sector.

Course directors are Levent Ozdemir, Professor of Mining and Director of the Tunneling and Earth Mechanics Institute, and Timothy Coss, President of Microtunneling Inc. The two are also course directors for the successful and long-running Microtunneling Short Course, which is recognized as the leading educational venue for microtunneling in the world.

Course subjects will be presented by prominent international experts from industry and academia. Attendees will receive CEUs for attending the course. This course is highly recommended for technical and management professionals from owners, engineers, contractors, consulting firms and anyone else involved in tunneling and underground construction.

The course program will include the following subjects:
  • Site Investigations for Tunneling Projects
  • Geotechnical Data Analysis and Reporting      
  • Geotechnical Baseline Report Preparation
  • Tunnel and Ground Support Design
  • Contract Documents and Specifications
  • Ground Modification and Grouting
  • Selection of Construction Methods
  • Shaft Design and Construction Techniques
  • Conventional Drill and Blast Construction
  • NATM Tunnel Design and Construction
  • Sequential Excavation Methods
  • Mechanized Hard Rock Tunneling (TBMs)
  • Mechanized Soft Ground and Soils Tunneling
  • Earth Pressure Balance Machines (EPBs)
  • Slurry Shield Machine Technology
  • Probe Drilling and Grout Injection Techniques
  • Design and Installation of Segmental Concrete Liners
  • Design and Installation of Final Concrete Linings
  • Pipe Umbrella and Ground Support Systems
  • Water Drainage and Control Techniques
  • Segment Backfill Grouting Techniques
  • Tunnel Ventilation Design
  • Tunnel Muck Haulage and Removal
  • Tunnel Utilities Design and Installation
  • Construction Management in TunnelingCosting and Scheduling of Tunneling Projects
For more information or to register for the Tunnel Short Course, visit

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