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Nov 27, 2009

Reconstruction and Extension of the Sewer Network Beroun, CZ

The royal town Beroun with its approximately 18,000 inhabitants is located near Prague and on the motorway that connects the capital with Germany. As cultural, administrative and industrial center of the Central Bohemian Region, Beroun looks back on a long history. A few years ago, however, Beroun was confronted with the poor condition of its sewage system.

2004 Beroun received 8 million Euros from the European Cohesion fund to cover 65% of the long-term reconstruction project, which had become immanent. The rest was cofinanced by the towns Beroun and Králův Dvůr as well as the Czech Republic Ministry of the Environment and the Central Bohemian Region.

Initiated in 2005, the project involved the installation of no less than 16 km sewer pipe. Two years later, in 2007, the project was finalized and the towns Králův Dvůr and Zahořany were connected to the local network, the town quarters Cibulka, Zavadilka and Jarov had a newly established sewer network, further extensions anticipated further developments in the quarter Velké Sídliště and the connection of a population of around 7000 in the greater area of Beroun.

Regarding environmental issues was part of the plan. Waste water treatment plants were therefore established in Beroun and Králův Dvůr to which the newly established sewer networks now link. This disburdens the river Berounka and provides enough capacity for population increases of the two developing towns.

HOBAS CC-GRP SewerLine Pipes were utilized for the larger diameter pipelines DN 500 to 1400. A total of 8.5 km gravity pipes (PN 1) with a stiffness of SN 10000 were installed by open trench. HOBAS Czech Republic delivered a part of the pipes that are produced at 6 m standard length at 3 m lengths to facilitate the installation in the partly very deep and narrow trenches. Various HOBAS Fittings, Elbows and Shafts completed the provided system.

The company Skaska that headed the construction consortium drew from their experience in coordinating pipe orders with their simultaneous installation by numerous companies. Thanks to the good organization and the parallel construction on several sites, on time pipe deliveries and the supervision and advice by HOBAS Experts, this major sewer reconstruction and extension project was finalized smoothly and to everybody’s contentment.

Year of Construction 2005 - 2007
Total Length of Pipe 8.5 km
Pressure Class PN 1
Stiffness Class SN 10000
Diameter DN 500 - 1400
Installation method open trench
Application SewerLine®
Client Beroun Town
Contractor Skanska & Consortium
Advantages Corrosion resistance, availability of pipe lengths other than standard 6 m, light weight, relatively small site area space required

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