CCTV-Investigations to identify potential issues underground

Jun 10, 2013


MidCoast Water’s sewer line investigation work is heading to Gloucester. The sewer line investigation program aims to correctly map the sewer network, identify potential problems so they can be resolved and undertake periodic cleaning of the mains.

The program, is regularly undertaken across the MidCoast Water service area to assess the condition of the sewer gravity mains.

“This type of investigation is important to the ongoing maintenance of our assets. It allows us, through the use of CCTV to identify potential problems and ensure they are resolved,” MidCoast Water’s general manager, Robert Loadsman, explained.

“This investigation program also allows us to document the condition of pipes so we don’t get any surprises – just because our sewer pipes are out of sight doesn’t mean they are out of our minds.”

As the program will include investigation works in the CBD of Gloucester, some work will take place of an evening to enable contractors working for MidCoast Water easy access to the sewer network and reduce the disruption to businesses and the community.

Investigation works will take place at the following locations over the next three weeks: The Bucketts Way, Henderson Street, Carter Crescent, Oak Street, Onslow Street, Pine Close, Dawson Cresecent, Wattle Close, Church Street, Denison Street, Queens Street, Barrington Street, Tyrell Street and Market Street.

The investigation work does not impact on services to homes, however to conduct the tests contractors working for MidCoast Water need to gain access to some properties within the testing area. These property owners will be contacted directly by MidCoast Water.

Households in the investigation area will have received notification from MidCoast Water.

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