CARISMO – Using the Chemical Energy of Wastewater

Aug 08, 2012

The organic matter contained in wastewater represents a largely unused renewable source of energy of approx. 0.8 kWh/m3. Instead, energy is expended in wastewater treatment on the biological degradation of these substances.

The project CARIMSO is currently working on the development of wastewater treatment plants as net producers of regenerative energy without ignoring purification processes. For one year, new treatment schemes fed with real wastewater have been tested and evaluated at WWTP Stahnsdorf south of Berlin. Prior to the biological treatment step, organic matter is withdrawn from the untreated sewage by precipitation, flocculation and subsequent micro-sieving and passed on directly to a digester in order to increase the methane yield. During the pilot operation phase, this method currently allows for the removal of 70% of the carbon (CBS) contained in the raw water which can be used for energy production. These results exceed the initial expectations by 10%. The project is financed by Veolia Eau and supported by the partners Anox Kaldnes, Berliner Wasserbetriebe and Hydrotech.


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