Bulgaria in Full Irrigation

Aug 24, 2009

Line Rehabilitation with Hobas Pressure Pipes: Thrace is one of the most fertile regions of Bulgaria. Its climate - hot summers and mild winters - is ideal for growing sunflowers, maize, and corn but also for viniculture and Bulgaria’s renowned rose cultivation for the precious rose essence.

However, summer rainfalls are not sufficient for this agricultural abundance and a concrete irrigation system had therefore been built somewhat 30 years ago, bringing water from the river Striama and the Pyasachnik to supply the town Chirpan.

At the end of 2008 and with the decision of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Environment and Water, a project was initiated to rehabilitate approximately 2.1 km of the line close to the town Rakov-ski. It was decided to utilize HOBAS® CC-GRP Pipe Systems DN 500, PN 6, due to the products’ high quality, long lifetime, excellent hydraulic characteristics, long term static properties and their simple and fast installation.

The pipes’ easy handling and comparably light weight were further important criteria for they had to be stored around 15 km away from the construction site and a small special truck had to transport one after the after to the site. Reason for this was that the road was far away from the construction site and the site itself lay between a wide wheat field and an impressively large vineyard.

Thanks to the outstanding cooperation of the Bulgarian contractor Lomstroy, who is specialized in hydraulic applications, HOBAS Bulgaria and the production facilities in Czech Republic and Romania, the first 500 m part could be installed within a week only. The remaining 1.6 km of the line were accomplished in merely three weeks. All in all, including installation time and pipe testing, added up to a month and a half.

The contractor and client Lomstroy confirmed that HOBAS Pipes were remarkably easy to handle, not only due to their light weight but also because of their simple push to fit couplings and compatibility with other materials. In the client’s point of view, the success of HOBAS can be ascribed to the professional commitment of the HOBAS team as well as made-to-measure solutions.

HOBAS Bulgaria does not simply sell pipes yet offers competent technical advice and strives to find the best solution for every individual situation. To ensure an optimal result, the construction team was technically advised on site and the thought-out logistics gained the clients trust.

Year of Construction 2009
Total Length of Pipe 2,142 m
Pressure Class PN 6
Stiffness Class SN 5000
Diameter DN 500
Installation method Open trench
Application WaterLine®
Client/Contractor Lomstroy Ltd.
Advantages High quality, long service life, excellent hydraulic properties,
longterm static properties, light weight, simple and fast installation.

ul. Rakovski 100
BG-1000 Sofia
PH: +359.2.986 98 36
Fax: +359.2.987 30 43
E-Mail: hobas.bulgaria@hobas.com
Internet: www.hobas.bg

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